Membership in the aKnowledge Alliance
Membership in the aKnowledge Alliance is restricted to individual, independent ICT consultants and is not available to consulting practices, businesses or entities associated with vendors/suppliers.

Membership is by invitation only and members of the Alliance are required to have had first-hand experience working with a nominee to be confident that the individual is competent in their subject area and will abide by the 12 Guiding Principles.

Over time, we hope to increase the membership of the Alliance and provide greater scope and comfort to the market.



As at June 2015, the Alliance includes:

Mike McLaughlin, Mimac Marketecture
Mike has been an independent consultant since the mid-80s and is principally recognised for his work in contact centres and computer-telephony.† He has a broad knowledge of voice technologies (IP and TDM), and a deep understanding of the systems, tools, operations and best practices in real and near-real-time communications and contact centre operations.†

Mike has undertaken consulting assignments for more than 70 corporate and public sector organisations. Because of his expertise in contact centres and the communications applications space, he is often asked to speak at conferences and industry forums; act as a judge for contact centre awards.


Ed Forsman, Essential Networks Group
Ed is a senior consultant in the ICT industry with 26 years of experience.† He has undertaken consultancy projects for more than 50 corporate, public and not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Edís projects have focused primarily on ICT infrastructure including data centres, distributed computing (desktop and server) environments, mobility services, call centres, enterprise applications, data networks and related maintenance and management services.† Ed has a B.E. (electrical and electronic) and an M.B.A. from Canterbury University.† More information


Steve Miller, absol
Steve Miller has a long history working and consulting in contact centres and customer interaction channels. He established and managed the contact centres at Westpac in New Zealand before establishing absol, a professional services company specialising in contact centre and service delivery channel business practices and business-technology integration.†

Steve has led professional services assignments with over 30 companies across a wide range of industries in New Zealand wishing to implement, expand or improve their service delivery by phone and other channels.† More information