About Us

Over the years Mimac has had the opportunity to work with some of the best brains and dedicated operators in the business. As a consequence, we have:

· Extensive depth and real-world experience in what works and what doesn’t at the customer-interface, during those “moments of truth”.

· A thorough understanding of technologies involved, contact centre operations and dynamics.

· Knowledge which can only come from having “been there, done that”.

· Insight into the networks providers’ capabilities today and tomorrow. 

· An understanding of the specialist products and technologies available, their strengths and limitations, and the vendors’ capabilities to deliver and support.

· Extensive experience in developing relationships with and transitioning to outsourcing partners.

Mimac’s mission is to help our clients get the most from the resources they already have, and to provide them with the most effective, cost-efficient means of interacting with the outside world.

We are committed to providing you with practical, pragmatic solutions to reach your communications and service objectives. Our reputation is built on years of impartial, authoritative advice in the development and delivery of innovative voice solutions and contact-centre operational tools:

It’s a balanced approach, working with the full awareness of your business objectives, constraints and limitations. Our sole objective is to deliver, on your terms, what will work for your organisation.

It’s that simple.

Michael McLaughlin – Managing Director, Mimac Marketecture

Mike McLaughlin has been an independent consultant since 1986. He is principally recognised for his work in call centres and computer telephony ………

Ed Forsman –Associate Consultant, Mimac

Ed has over 20 years of experience in the ICT industry, having undertaken a wide range of technical and business oriented roles. For the past eleven years, Ed has worked as a consultant, specialising in new product and service development ………

Our Team

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